Durham County Paving Company

We Service the Following Cities, Communities and Townships in Durham County, NC:

  • Genlee, NC
  • Gorman, NC
  • Lebanon Township, NC
  • Lowe's Grove, NC
  • Mangum Township, NC
  • Nelson, NC
  • Oak Grove, NC
  • Oak Grove Township, NC
  • Raleigh, NC
  • Rougemont, NC
  • Triangle Township, NC

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Paving Expertise in Durham County, NC

We enjoy working with the homeowners and residents of Durham County, NC with design, installation and replacement services for all of their paved areas. Our paving technicians have years of experience and offer the very best in asphalt, concrete, pavers and stone services. Durham County, North Carolina is a beautiful part of this great state and really has it all when it comes to business opportunities and small-town charm along with that famous Southern hospitality. Much has changed since Durham County was founded in 1881 from parts of Orange and Wake County, but it has done a great job maintaining its heritage and while continuing to grow. At Paving Corporation™ we’re excited to do our part to keep the driveways, parking lots, patio and sidewalks of Durham County looking new and inviting. When in need of a reputable Durham County paving contractor, give us a call and let us impress you with our knowledge and customer service.

Our Passion Is Paving

From the way our company is structured, to the ongoing evaluation of our quality standards during each phase of a project, you will not find a paving contractor that is more passionate about their work than Paving Corporation™. We pride ourselves on offering exceptional structural integrity, beautiful textures, patterns and surface details, proper drainage and long-lasting paved environments. If you are currently in the market for a paving contractor and plan to update, pave or replace your driveway, patio, parking lot, pool deck, retaining wall or sidewalk, give us a call and hear why so many people are selecting Paving Corporation™ for their paving needs.

A few of our most popular paving services, include::
  • Asphalt Contractor - Durham County, NC
  • Asphalt Repair - Durham County, NC
  • Concrete Contractor - Durham County, NC
  • Concrete Repair - Durham County, NC
  • Driveway Contractor - Durham County, NC
  • Driveway Paving - Durham County, NC
  • Driveway Repair - Durham County, NC
  • Driveway Replacement - Durham County, NC
  • Driveway Resurfacing - Durham County, NC
  • Parking Lot Maintenance and Line Striping - Durham County, NC
  • Parking Lot Paving - Durham County, NC
  • Patio Contractor - Durham County, NC
  • Patio Installation - Durham County, NC
  • Patio Repair - Durham County, NC
  • Pool Deck Contractor - Durham County, NC
  • Pool Deck Design and Installation - Durham County, NC
  • Retaining Wall Contractor - Durham County, NC
  • Retaining Wall Design and Installation - Durham County, NC
  • Road Paving - Durham County, NC
  • Sidewalk Contractor - Durham County, NC
  • Sealcoating - Durham County, NC

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Zip Codes

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If you are a business or residence located in Durham County or the Raleigh, Durham, Chapel Hill area and do not see your zip code listed above you may still be within our geographic service area. Please feel free to contact us to confirm.