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At Paving Corporation™, we're honored to offer our professional paving to the homeowners and business community of Lakeland, Florida. Lakeland is a great place to live and work and we like to think that our paved roads, parking lot, driveways and sidewalks keep Lakeland looking fresh and orderly. Our team of craftsmen are knowledgeable with a variety of paving materials, including asphalt, brick, concrete, pavers and stone. We offer commercial as well as residential services and can handle paving projects of all shapes and sizes. Give us a call and find out why so many in Lakeland are turning to Paving Corporation™ for all of their design, installation, paving, repair and resurfacing needs.

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The Paving Corporation™ Advantage

Paving Corporation is a recognized leader for providing the highest quality paving services to the residents and businesses of Lakeland, FL. If you are interested in a paving  contractor to assist with design services, installation and/or repair services you will be impressed with our considerate staff as well as our high quality results. We are craftsmen that bring a wide array of design ideas and paving material options to each paving project.  We are adept at working with each of the following paving materials:  asphalt, concrete, pavers, brick, stone, flagstone, stamped concrete, decorative concrete and stamped asphalt.  Our designs can also include leveraging multiple materials; such as a concrete patio with a border of brick or pavers.

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Lakeland Asphalt Contractor - asphalt parking lots, driveways & sealcoating

There are definitely a lot of numbers to call and websites to look at when searching for a Lakeland asphalt contractor, but once the job is completed how do you know how the drainage will work out, that there won't be premature cracking and that the sub-grade is professionally handled? At Paving Corporation™ we understand the uncertainty that clients' face with asphalt parking lot and driveway projects, we're here to offer detailed estimates as well as references. We also recommend that you reach out to multiple asphalt contractors and find a company that you are truly comfortable with!

Our popular Lakeland asphalt contractor services, include:
  • Asphalt Contractor - Lakeland, FL
  • Asphalt Driveways - Lakeland, FL  (Chip Seal, Tar and Chip, Tar and Gravel)
  • Asphalt Parking Lots - Lakeland, FL
  • Asphalt Patching - Lakeland, FL
  • Asphalt Resurfacing- Lakeland, FL
  • Line Striping - Lakeland, FL
  • Parking Lot Repair - Lakeland, FL
  • Sealcoating - Lakeland, FL

Lakeland Concrete Contractor - concrete driveways, patios & repairs

Drainage, drainage and cracking. When it comes to any concrete contractor choice you'll make these are most likely the three most important issues you'll face. Our Lakeland concrete contractor services are top-notch and we take the necessary steps throughout the project to minimize any issues and make sure you are receiving a concrete surface that will look great and serve you for years to come.

Our popular Lakeland concrete contractor services, include:
  • Concrete Contractor - Lakeland, FL
  • Concrete Driveways - Lakeland, FL
  • Concrete Patios - Lakeland, FL
  • Concrete Pool Decks - Lakeland, FL
  • Driveway Contractor - Lakeland, FL
  • Driveway Sealing - Lakeland, FL
  • Driveway Replacement - Lakeland, FL
  • Patio Contractor - Lakeland, FL
  • Patio Replacement - Lakeland, FL

Lakeland Paver Contractor- driveway replacement, paver patios & pool decks

Pavers are a great way to dress up your outdoor living space or front yard area. They can add a big visual impact and also bring additional character to Lakeland driveway, patio or pool deck. Make sure to take your time and really investigate the styles and types of pavers before making any final decisions. Our paving craftsman can help you navigate the options and also share their expertise with you.

Our popular Lakeland paver contractor services, include:
  • Paver Contractor - Lakeland, FL
  • Paver Driveways - Lakeland, FL
  • Paver Driveway Replacement - Lakeland, FL
  • Paver Patios - Lakeland, FL
  • Paver Replacement - Lakeland, FL
  • Paver Sealing - Lakeland, FL
  • Pool Deck Contractor - Lakeland, FL
  • Pool Deck Replacement - Lakeland, FL
  • Retaining Wall Contractor - Lakeland, FL

The Craft of Paving

You will be excited with the finer details of our paving results and ecstatic over the coming years with the strength and longevity. We appreciate that any design, paving or repair project is an investment in your business or home.  At Paving Corporation we adhere to the highest standards in the industry to make sure you get the most for your money. Your new walkway, driveway, parking lot, pool deck or retaining wall should will superb the first day and its quality will continue to show over the years ahead. At Paving Corporation™, we’re frequently asked to suggest a fence company in Lakeland, FL and we strongly recommend our friends at Fence Workshop for all of your fencing needs.

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