Paving: 101

Paving History: A Long and Winding Road

The variety of paving materials and processes that have been attempted and refined throughout history to make traveling easier and more comfortable has been an interesting path in its own right. Whether the Egyptians or Greeks building roadways, the English perfecting cement, the Germans advancing pavers or the Americans mass producing concrete - there is an interesting history to all aspects of paving and paving material production. So before you take on your next paving project of replacing a sidewalk, paving a parking lot, installing a new road or redesigning your new patio you might enjoy the background and history on how we have arrived to our modern materials and paving approaches.
Road Paving Road and Speed Bumps

Most Popular Paving Materials

Paving Corporation has chosen a few of the most popular materials used today; concrete, asphalt and pavers, and we've put together a brief introduction, interesting facts and timelines for each. Please select the following links to learn more about paving’s most popular materials:

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