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The Art of Beautiful Retaining Walls

Paving Corporation™ installs professional retaining walls for the homes and businesses of Atlanta, GA at affordable prices. Whether you’re looking to further beautify your backyard or increase the size of your parking lot, we have the experience to properly diagnose, quote, design and install the retaining wall to best suit your needs and style. We’re known for expertly integrating the size, design and materials to best accentuate your existing landscape and hardscape environment.

Retaining Wall

Atlanta Retaining Wall Design Services

Whether you’re a business owner or homeowner, we’ll take the time to fully understand your ideas for installing or updating a retaining wall and be able to help you narrow down the vast amount of options that are currently available regarding designs, patterns and materials. We often hear from clients how much time we were able to save them during the ‘exploration’ process by presenting them with options that made the most sense for them and at the same time complimented the character of their home and lifestyle.

Limitless Options For Retaining Walls

Most people consider a retaining wall to add additional character or intimacy to their outdoor environment. This is a great way to extend the design and style of your patio, pool deck and/or walkways out into your landscaping and really create a more finished look for your front or backyard. Whether you are inside or outside of the perimeter, Atlanta certainly has a lot of rolling hills and sloping. This makes for a great environment for getting your creativity flowing when it comes to retaining walls. It can also be a great way to claim un-used space along a steep incline or decline and convert those areas into a great sitting areas or play area for the kids.

Our Atlanta retaining wall services, include:
  • Retaining Wall Design - Atlanta, GA
  • Retaining Wall Grading - Atlanta, GA
  • Retaining Wall Installation - Atlanta, GA
  • Retaining Wall Repair - Atlanta, GA
  • Retaining Wall Replacement - Atlanta, GA


Atlanta Retaining Wall Installation Services

With any type of paving service its important to find a paving contractor that you can trust and believe they will do the best job possible, but this is overwhelmingly important when it comes to Atlanta retaining walls. The Atlanta topography has much sloping and any retaining wall will need to stand up to the pressure of our city's beautiful rolling hills. Far too often we encounter Atlanta retaining wall replacement or repair jobs and find retaining walls that are buckling and crumbling due to faulty installation or specifications. You can put your trust on our retaining wall experts to offer a clear and concise retaining wall proposal that is complimentary.

Why Choose Paving Corporation™ For Your New Retaining Wall?

Paving Corporation™ offers the best possible services for Atlanta retaining wall design and installation and we’re able to offer this expertise at very competitive prices. We bring together the best craftsmanship in the paving industry along with the artistry to bring your vision to life. Please give us a call and let us put our experience and integrity to work for you!

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